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Your Success is our Success

​Our Engineering and consulting and services focus on our clients' most critical design issues and opportunities. We work on preliminary designs, help with prototyping and technology across all industries that require some form of Mechanical and Electrical assemblies or integration. We bring deep, functional expertise, with over 20+ years of combined experience in design engineering. We love what we do and we excel at bringing success to our clients.

At 42 Engineering our day starts with understanding your goals.
We carefully evaluate the nature of your request, including objectives, budgets, goals, timelines and overall expectations.  Blue Wolf then provides a solution-based plan that ensures your mechanical, electrical, or prototyping needs are effectively integrated to produce a highly functional and operative product. Our vast experience enables us to tailor this process to several applications and we are confident that we can assist you with your request.

Electronic and Firmware Design

Many modern products include electrical components to make them more useful and powerful. Our designs enable components like LEDs, Wifi, Bluetooth, and NFC modules, sensors, HD displays, cameras, and more to work together seamlessly. We have successfully completed projects featuring lithium battery technology, solar power, Cellular technology,and more. 

To make most of these components work we will design, implement, and test custom firmware solutions for you to ensure that your hardware works just as it should.

Mechanical and Industrial Design

Using computer modeling software, we will turn your idea into an interactive 3-dimensional digital part. This 3D model evolves as it continues developing. Most hardware requires mechanical engineering to prototype and manufacture a working version. At 42 Engineering, we have experience ranging from injection molded plastic design to robotics and complex mechanisms.

42 Engineering will provide Design for Manufacturing services for the product to be ready for final full scale manufacturing.

Design Software


​42 Engineering uses Altium Designer for schematic, layout, and routing of printed circuit board designs. For mechanical components and industrial design Solidworks is used.

Both of these software platforms integrate seamlessly to ensure mechanical housings and circuit boards fit together properly.



  • Medical devices

  • Wearables 

  • Industrial automation

  • Power and green energy

  • Consumer electronics

  • Military Electronics



  • FPGA and CPLD Development

  • Microcontroller Development

  • Sensors

  • Wireless

  • Motion Control

  • Embedded Systems

  • System architecture

  • Firmware development

  • Board Design

  • Analog Design

  • Digital Design

  • Power supply Design

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