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At 42 Engineering, we have over 20 years of electronic and mechanical product design.

We have done it all, from Military to Medical to Commercial. We can provide a solution to your product design dilemma with ease and an intuitive design strategy.

Top Accomplishments:

  • Partnered with three recent college grads to develop a new company and a neurofeedback headset for consumer use. Provided all mechanical and electrical design, industry knowledge, and mentored them in running a tech business. Arranged connections and procured a spot in a recent startup tech conference to showcase the budding company. Product is in pre-revenue stage and the hardware design is patent pending.

  • Launched Eatabit with two partners via the Harbor Entrepreneur Center in Charleston for a cellphone connected order delivery system. Provided the entirety of the design including molded plastic housing, circuit design, PCB layout, test procedures, embedded firmware, manufacturing support, customer support, and future product road mapping. Product now has over 2,000 units in the field and is consistently growing year over year.

  • Contracted to provide an insert for soccer jerseys to allow wearable LED displays on the field for a set number of publicity events for Audi of America in association with MLS Soccer. Date of contract start to the first event fielding was six weeks. I successfully designed and manufactured a product that worked in the field within the allotted time frame. This included designing enclosures for 3d printing, quick turn manufacturing/assembly of flexible printed circuits for the LED arrays, and firmware development for a WiFi microcontroller.

  • Developed an automotive dashboard mountable single channel fire monitor and suppression system for Kidde as the Lead Engineer. The product has one sensor input and one fire suppression valve output allowing control of engine fires. I provided a winning proposal that got our company the ~$500,000 in business and a manufacturing contract for 2,500 units, with our company not having any prior business with Kidde. The entirety of the mechanical, electrical, and software design was completed by me and passed third party regulatory testing on the first pass with no modifications or concessions.

  • Streamlined an in-ground fiber optic cabling database with Smart City Telecom for Walt Disney World and surrounding Disney properties as the sole engineer on the project. Enhanced the system by taking 50+ non-linked excel sheets and integrated them into a single automated database. The new database took new path routing tasks from 3 hours down to 5 minutes, freeing up engineers time to work on other projects.

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