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Everyone has an idea, concept, or product you would like to make. 42 engineering will answer your question and design your product, circuit board, or mechanical assembly. We will bring intuitive minds and years of experience to your product.




At 42 Engineering, we have over 20 years of electronic and mechanical product design. ​




Our Engineering and consulting and services focus on our clients' most critical design issues and opportunities. We work on preliminary designs, help with prototyping and technology across all industries that require some form of Mechanical and Electrical assemblies or integration. 




We have done it all, from Military to Medical to Commercial. We can provide a solution to your product design dilemma with ease and an intuitive design strategy. Please click for more info and example projects.


"Having partnered with 42 engineering through seven generations of devices; from prototype, to patent, to mass industrial production - they always deliver. Their intimate understanding of, and hands-on approach to, complex IOT design supplies us with the quality engineering resource we need to succeed. Their wide skill set, real world problem solving ability and ease of communication provide our team an incredible value." 

Stewart Moore - Co-Founder Eatabit

"Brilliant engineering work. 42 Engineering designed and created a PCB for us that completely solved some nagging issues with an old OEM legacy board. They offered and implemented some ideas that made this project a huge success. I highly recommend 42 Engineering."

Mark Richards - Founder Alphidia, llc

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